The REVOLUTION begins Q2 2011. Super stealthy until then.







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    Three successful Web 2.0 game entrepreneurs seek experienced Software & Front End UI Developers to join our social/mobile game revolution.

    This is your chance to be a part of an awesome team and contribute to an environment where innovation and initiative are not only encouraged, they are rewarded (with all the free redbulls you can handle).

    This is a great opportunity. We’ve designed and built over 150 interactive games, ranging from single player Flash games to massively multi-player games for prizes. We’re named inventors on more than 80+ online games/social networking patents. We know our S&^%. You should too. Must be willing to go all in. We’re going to throw everything at you from a Little-Eyed Joe to damned if I know.

    If you love a challenge, want to make an impact, love the hacker/start-up culture and continuously strive to be all you can be, don’t join the Army, give us a shout. The train is leaving the station. No reservation required but you have to step on board.

    Please send resume along with sample work to meblurinc at gmail dot com.
    Job Openings:

    We’ll save you the usual BS about fast paced environments, thinking on your feet, blah, blah blah, etc….etc…We’re assuming you can do all that.

    That said, you must have at least some of the following:

    Software Development Engineer

    LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP)
    Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, JSON, XML, etc.
    Experience with Ubuntu/Debian Linux a plus
    iPhone/Android development a big plus
    Experience writing games a big, big plus (call it love at first sight)

    Front End UI Developer

    Experience building game content, UI and related iconography
    CS 3/5 (Photoshop, etc)
    Mobile App design experience a big plus

    Nice to have experience:

    1. PHP, ActionScript or other scripting languages
    2. Flash
    3. Maya
    4. Project management skills
    5. KYST

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